James and Mary Ford, eds. Every Day in the Year. 1902.

December 6

Kitty Clive

By Charles Churchill (1732–1764)

  • Kitty Clive was an Irish actress who died on Dec. 6, 1785. She acted with Garrick, and, after her retirement from the stage, lived for many years in a house which Horace Walpole gave her, near Strawberry Hill, called Cliveden.

  • IN spite of outward blemishes, she shone

    For humour famed, and humour all her own,

    Easy, as if at home, the stage she trod,

    Nor sought the critic’s praise, nor feared his rod.

    Original in spirit and in ease,

    She pleased by hiding all attempts to please:

    No comic actress ever yet could raise,

    On humour’s base, more merit or more praise.