James and Mary Ford, eds. Every Day in the Year. 1902.

April 13

Men of the North and West

By Richard Henry Stoddard (1825–1903)

  • Inspired by the surrender of Fort Sumter, April 13, 1861.

  • MEN of the North and West,

    Wake in your might,

    Prepare, as the rebels have done,

    For the fight!

    You cannot shrink from the test;

    Rise! Men of the North and West!

    They have torn down your banner of stars;

    They have trampled the laws;

    They have stifled the freedom they hate,

    For no cause!

    Do you love it or slavery best?

    Speak! Men of the North and West.

    They strike at the life of the State:

    Shall the murder be done?

    They cry: “We are two!” And you?

    “We are one!”

    You must meet them, then, breast to breast;

    On! Men of the North and West!

    Not with words; they laugh them to scorn,

    And tears they despise;

    But with swords in your hands, and death

    In your eyes!

    Strike home! leave to God all the rest;

    Strike! Men of the North and West.