James and Mary Ford, eds. Every Day in the Year. 1902.

May 16

Mrs. Hemans

By B. Hallock

(Died May 16, 1835)

QUEEN of the lute and lay! whose song of yore

Swept o’er the earth in music many-toned,

Bearing along tales of historic lore,

With triple immortality enzoned;

Where dwells thy spirit in that brighter world,

With the innumerous dead of other days?

In what bright orb hast thou thy pinions furled?

What star of beauty trembles to thy lays?

Thine was a lofty strain; thy lyre gave back

The voice of God in ever-glowing song

Melodiously, as o’er its fairy track

Swept the full tide of harmony along—

Thy spirit’s purity breathed on thy lyre,

Bathing its music in seraphic fire.