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James and Mary Ford, eds. Every Day in the Year. 1902.

June 29

On the Death of Mrs. Browning

By Sydney Dobell (1824–1874)

  • Elizabeth Barrett Browning died June 29, 1861.

  • WHICH of the Angels sang so well in Heaven

    That the approving Archon of the quire

    Cried, “Come up hither!” and he, going higher,

    Carried a note out of the choral seven;

    Whereat that cherub to whom choice is given

    Among the singers that on earth aspire

    Beckon’d thee from us, and thou, and thy lyre

    Sudden ascended out of sight? Yet even

    In heaven thou weepest! Well, true wife, to weep!

    Thy voice doth so betray that sweet offence

    That no new call should more exalt thee hence

    But for thy harp. Ah, lend it, and such grace

    Shall still advance thy neighbor that thou keep

    Thy seat, and at thy side a vacant place!