James and Mary Ford, eds. Every Day in the Year. 1902.

June 12

Rugby Chapel

By Matthew Arnold (1822–1888)

  • Thomas Arnold, the father of Matthew Arnold, was a noted English educator and historian, famous as headmaster of Rugby. He died June 12, 1842. See full text.

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    O strong soul, by what shore

    Tarriest thou now? For that force,

    Surely, has not been left vain.

    Somewhere, surely, afar,

    In the sounding labor-house vast

    Of being, is practised that strength,

    Zealous, beneficent, firm!

    Yes, in some far-shining sphere,

    Conscious or not of the past,

    Still thou performest the word

    Of the Spirit in whom thou dost live,

    Prompt, unwearied, as here!

    Still thou upraisest with zeal

    The humble good from the ground,

    Sternly represseth the bad.

    Still, like a trumpet, dost rouse

    Those who with half-open eyes

    Tread the border-land dim

    ’Twixt vice and virtue; reviv’st,

    Succorest;—this was thy work,

    This was thy life upon earth.