James and Mary Ford, eds. Every Day in the Year. 1902.

April 20

Spain’s Hour of Doom

By Albert Rowland Haven

  • Written on the declaration of Cuban independence by the American Congress, April 20, 1898.

  • SPAIN’S hour has struck. No more her flag

    Shall float o’er Cuba’s fateful isle.

    Her reign of treachery and guile

    Is o’er. No more shall vengeance lag.

    Back to their gaunt Iberian crag

    Her desolating legions hurl,

    Or let the wild Atlantic’s swirl

    Their souls and bodies hellward drag.

    Ay, let her new armada flee

    Westward her tyranny to maintain.

    We will, in memory of the Maine,

    Meet it and sink it in the sea.

    Out of the Western Hemisphere

    Spain’s yellow banner soon shall fade.

    No more by her shall graves be made

    Where grain should grow and fruits appear.

    No more her fiends with sword and fire

    The Cuban’s homes shall devastate,

    Slay sons, and daughters violate

    Before their mother and their sire.

    The infamy of Spain shall loom

    Black over the devoted isle

    No longer. Not by force or wile

    Can she put back the hour of doom.

    That hour has struck. From Morro’s height

    Haul down her old dishonored flag,

    While back to her Iberian crag,

    She takes her ignominious flight.