James and Mary Ford, eds. Every Day in the Year. 1902.

June 8

To Andrew Jackson

By George H. Boker (1823–1890)

(Died June 8, 1845)

OLD lion the Hermitage, again

The times invoke thee, but thou art not here;

Cannot our peril call thee from thy bier?

France vapors, and the puny arm of Spain

Is up to strike us; England gives them cheer,

False to the child that in her hour of fear

Must be her bulwark and her succor, fain

To prop the strength which even now doth wane.

Nor these alone; intestine broils delight

The gaping monarchs, and our liberal shore

Is rife with traitors. Now, while both unite—

Europe and treason—I would see once more

Thy dreadful courage lash itself to might,

Behold thee shake thy mane, and hear thy roar.