James and Mary Ford, eds. Every Day in the Year. 1902.

January 4

To Charles Dickens

By Thomas Hood (1799–1845)

  • On his departure for America, Jan. 4, 1842.

  • PSHAW! away with leaf and berry,

    And the sober-sided cup!

    Bring a goblet and bright sherry,

    And a bumper fill me up!

    Though a pledge I had to shiver,

    And the longest ever was!

    Ere his vessel leaves our river,

    I would drink a health to Boz!

    Here’s success to all his antics,

    Since it pleases him to roam,

    And to paddle o’er Atlantics,

    After such a sale at home!

    May he shun all rocks whatever,

    And each shallow sand that lurks,

    And his passage be as clever

    As the best among his works!