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John Bartlett (1820–1905). Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. 1919.

4416 Edmund Burke 1729-1797 John Bartlett

AUTHOR:Edmund Burke (1729–1797)
QUOTATION:You had that action and counteraction which, in the natural and in the political world, from the reciprocal struggle of discordant powers draws out the harmony of the universe. 1
ATTRIBUTION:Reflections on the Revolution in France. Vol. iii. p. 277.
Note 1.
Quid velit et possit rerum concordia discors (What the discordant harmony of circumstances would and could effect).—Horace: Epistle i. 12, 19.

Mr. Breen, in his “Modern English Literature,” says: “This remarkable thought Alison the historian has turned to good account; it occurs so often in his disquisitions that he seems to have made it the staple of all wisdom and the basis of every truth.” [back]