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John Bartlett (1820–1905). Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. 1919.

9694 Misellaneous Translations John Bartlett

AUTHOR:Miscellaneous Translations
QUOTATION:Ossa on Pelion. 1
Note 1.
See Ovid, Quotation 3.

They were setting on
Ossa upon Olympus, and upon
Steep Ossa leavy Pelius.
George Chapman: Homer’s Odyssey, book xi. 426.

Heav’d on Olympus tott’ring Ossa stood;
On Ossa Pelion nods with all his wood.
Alexander Pope: Odyssey, book xi. 387.

Ossa on Olympus heave, on Ossa roll
Pelion with all his woods; so scale the starry pole.
Sotheby: Odyssey, book xi. 315.

To the Olympian summit they essay’d
To heave up Ossa, and to Ossa’s crown
Branch-waving Pelion.
William Cowper Odyssey, book xi. 379.

They on Olympus Ossa fain would roll;
On Ossa Pelion’s leaf-quivering hill.
Worsley: Odyssey, book xi. 414.

To fling
Ossa upon Olympus, and to pile.
Pelion with all its growth of leafy woods
On Ossa.
Bryant: Odyssey, book xi. 390.

Ossa they pressed down with Pelion’s weight,
And on them both impos’d Olympus’ hill.
Fitz-Geffrey: The Life and Death of Sir Francis Drake, stanza 99 (1596).

Ter sunt conati imponere Pelio Ossam.—Virgil: Georgics, i. 281. [back]