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John Bartlett (1820–1905). Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. 1919.

Conordane Index Page 397 John Bartlett

Yielded with coy submission, 232.
Yielding marble of her snowy breast, 219.
Yoke, Flanders hath received our, 220.
of bullocks at Stamford fair, 89.
Yonghy-Bonghy-Bo, lived 703.
Yore, we have been glad of 471.
Yorick, alas poor, I knew
York, this sun of, 95.
it is on the Tweed, 318.
You can fool some of the 662.
never, mind, 800.
Young and fair, ladies, 68.
and so fair, 595.
as beautiful and soft as young, 308.
body with so old a head, 64.
both were, and one was beautiful, 552.
buds sleep in the root’s, 577.
desire, nurse of, 427.
disease, the, 317.
ever fair and ever, 271.
face you loved when all was, 729.
fellows will be young, 428.
I have been, and now am old, 1011.
idea how to shoot, teach the, 355.
idle wild and, 864.
if all the world and love were, 25.
if he be caught, 371.
if ladies be but, and fair, 68.
ladies making nets, 291.
man’s fancy lightly turns, 668.
man’s heart within, she tied, 781.
men are fools, old men know, 36.
men mad, as maketh, 791.
men think old men fools, 36.
men’s vision, the, 268.
my Love and I were, 791.
Obadias David Josias, 872.
old and, 792.
romance is always, 650.
seventy years, 692.
so wise so, never live long, 97.
spurned by the, 593.
though I am, I scorn to flit, 200.
till forty, look, 275.
Timothy learnt sin to fly, 873.
to be, was very heaven, 476.
voices sing, 786.
war seeks its victims in the, 883.
when my bosom was, 515.
which always find us, 615.
whom the gods love die, 558.
would that we were, again, 747.
Younger than thyself, let thy love be, 75.
Youngest critic has died, 853.
Young-eyed cherubins, 65.
Younker or a prodigal, how like a, 62.
Your hands your feet and your raiment, 604.
Yours, what ’s mine is, 50, 886.
Yourselves, seek hereafter in, 579.
Youth, a happy, 471.
against time and age, 24.
age ’twixt boy and, 489.
and health, joy of, 444.
and home, the music tells of, 523.
Youth and I lived in ’t together, 503.
and love, kiss of, 557.
and pleasure meet, 542.
and vigour dies, 341.
as lord of my fate, 774.
begin in gladness in our, 470.
bounds of freakish, 419.
crabbed age and, 163.
delight, gives his, 318.
delusion of, 626.
dew of thy, 1015.
did dress themselves, 89.
distressful stroke of my, 150.
eagle mewing her mighty, 255.
everything great been done by, 628.
examples for the instruction of, 411.
fiery vehemence of, 491.
flourish in immortal, 299.
flower of, 889.
follies may cease with their, 376.
friends of my, where are they, 550.
full of grace force fascination, 743.
glass wherein the noble, 89.
happy visions of my, 662.
have they no mercy for, 728.
home-keeping, 44.
illusions of, 791.
in my hot, 556.
in the bloom of, 888.
in the lexicon of, 631.
is a blunder, 628.
is more than a, 50.
is vain and life is thorny, 500.
is wholly experimental, 830.
large lusty loving, 743.
learning in the freshness of its, 881.
love gold and pleasure, 662.
morn and liquid dew of, 129.
morning like the spirit of, 158.
now flees on feathered foot, 829.
now green in, 338.
of a nation trustees of posterity, 628.
of frolics an old age of cards, 321.
of labour with an age of ease, 396.
of our immortal, 814.
of pleasure wasteful, was your, 713.
of primy nature, violet in the, 129.
of the realm, corrupted the, 94.
on the prow, 383.
our joys our, 26.
our, we can have but to-day, 312.
plaything gives his, delight, 318.
promises of, 368.
rebellious liquors in my, 67.
rejoice in thy, 1023.
remember thy Creator in, 1023.
replies I can, 616.
riband in the cap of, 142.
sheltered me in, 609.
so sinks the, 338.
some salt of our, 45.
spirit of, in everything, 163.
that fired the Ephesian dome, 296.
that means to be of note, 158.
they had been friends in, 500.
thoughts of, are long long, 646.
time that takes in trust our, 26.