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John Bartlett (1820–1905). Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. 1919.

Harriet Beeher Stowe 1811-1896 John Bartlett

    It lies around us like a cloud—
  A world we do not see;
Yet the sweet closing of an eye
  May bring us there to be.
          The Other World.
    I ’spect I growed. Don’t think nobody never made me.
          Uncle Tom’s Cabin.
    I’s wicked I is. I’s mighty wicked; anyhow I can’t help it.
          Uncle Tom’s Cabin.
    When winds are raging o’er the upper ocean
  And billows wild contend with angry roar,
’T is said, far down beneath the wild commotion
  That peaceful stillness reigneth evermore.

Far, far beneath, the noise of tempests dieth
  And silver waves chime ever peacefully,
And no rude storm, how fierce soe’er it flyeth
  Disturbs the Sabbath of that deeper sea. 1 
Note 1.
See John G. C. Brainard, page 578. Also F. W. H. Myers, page 819. [back]