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John Bartlett (1820–1905). Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. 1919.

James Bramston d 1744 John Bartlett

    What ’s not devoured by Time’s devouring hand?
Where ’s Troy, and where ’s the Maypole in the Strand?
          Art of Politics.
    But Titus said, with his uncommon sense,
When the Exclusion Bill was in suspense:
“I hear a lion in the lobby roar;
Say, Mr. Speaker, shall we shut the door
And keep him there, or shall we let him in
To try if we can turn him out again?” 1
          Art of Politics.
    So Britain’s monarch once uncovered sat,
While Bradshaw bullied in a broad-brimmed hat.
          Man of Taste.
Note 1.
I hope, said Colonel Titus, we shall not be wise as the frogs to whom Jupiter gave a stork for their king. To trust expedients with such a king on the throne would be just as wise as if there were a lion in the lobby, and we should vote to let him in and chain him, instead of fastening the door to keep him out.—On the Exclusion Bill, Jan. 7, 1681. [back]