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John Bartlett (1820–1905). Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. 1919.

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John Milton. (1608–1674) (continued)
The white pink, and the pansy freakt with jet,
The glowing violet,
The musk-rose, and the well-attir’d woodbine,
With cowslips wan that hang the pensive head,
And every flower that sad embroidery wears.
          Lycidas. Line 139.
    So sinks the day-star in the ocean bed,
And yet anon repairs his drooping head,
And tricks his beams, and with new-spangled ore
Flames in the forehead of the morning sky.
          Lycidas. Line 168.
    He touch’d the tender stops of various quills,
With eager thought warbling his Doric lay.
          Lycidas. Line 188.
    To-morrow to fresh woods and pastures new.
          Lycidas. Line 193.
    Haste thee, Nymph, and bring with thee
Jest and youthful Jollity,
Quips and Cranks and wanton Wiles,
Nods and Becks and wreathed Smiles.
          L’Allegro. Line 25.
    Sport, that wrinkled Care derides,
And Laughter holding both his sides.
Come and trip it as ye go,
On the light fantastic toe.
          L’Allegro. Line 31.
    The mountain nymph, sweet Liberty.
          L’Allegro. Line 36.
    And every shepherd tells his tale
Under the hawthorn in the dale.
          L’Allegro. Line 67.
    Meadows trim with daisies pied,
Shallow brooks and rivers wide;
Towers and battlements it sees
Bosom’d high in tufted trees,
Where perhaps some beauty lies,
The cynosure of neighboring eyes.
          L’Allegro. Line 75.
    Herbs, and other country messes,
Which the neat-handed Phillis dresses.
          L’Allegro. Line 85.
    To many a youth and many a maid
Dancing in the chequer’d shade.
          L’Allegro. Line 95.