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John Bartlett (1820–1905). Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. 1919.

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Alfred Tennyson Tennyson. (1809–1892) (continued)
Is like the sea wave, which the more you drink
The more you thirst—yea—drink too much, as men
Have done on rafts of wreck—it drives you mad.
          The Cup. Act i. Scene 3.
    Sunset and evening star,
  And one clear call for me!
And may there be no moaning of the bar,
  When I put out to sea,
But such a tide as moving seems asleep,
  Too full for sound and foam,
When that which drew from out the boundless deep
  Turns again home.
          Crossing the Bar.
    Forget thee…
Till Nature, high and low, and great and small
Forgets herself, and all her loves and hates
Sink again into Chaos.
          Foresters. Act i. Scene 3.
    Whate’er thy joys, they vanish with the day:
Whate’er thy griefs, in sleep they fade away,
    To sleep! to sleep!
Sleep, mournful heart, and let the past be past:
Sleep, happy soul, all life will sleep at last.
          Foresters. Song.
    None can truly write his single day,
And none can write it for him upon earth.
          Life of Tennyson. Unpublished Sonnet.
    A breath that fleets beyond this iron world
And touches him who made it.
          Life of Tennyson. Vol. i.
    Like perfect music unto nobler words.
          Life of Tennyson. Vol. i.
            Death’s truer name
Is “Onward,” no discordance in the roll
And march of that Eternal Harmony
Whereto the world beats time.
          Life of Tennyson. Vol. i. 1 
Note 1.
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