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John Bartlett (1820–1905). Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. 1919.

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Robert Browning. (1812–1889) (continued)
    There shall never be one lost good! What was, shall live as before;
  The evil is null, is nought, is silence implying sound;
What was good shall be good, with for evil so much good more;
  On the earth the broken arcs; in the heaven, a perfect round.
          Abt Vogler. ix.
            Then welcome each rebuff
      That turns earth’s smoothness rough,
Each sting that bids nor sit nor stand, but go!
      Be our joys three-parts pain!
      Strive, and hold cheap the strain;
Learn, nor account the pang; dare, never grudge the throe!
          Rabbi Ben Ezra.
    What I aspired to be,
And was not, comforts me.
          Rabbi Ben Ezra.
    Earth changes, but thy soul and God stand sure.
          Rabbi Ben Ezra.
    For life, with all it yields of joy and woe,
And hope and fear (believe the aged friend),
Is just our chance o’ the prize of learning love,—
How love might be, hath been indeed, and is.
          A Death in the Desert.
              The body sprang
At once to the height, and stayed; but the soul,—no!
          A Death in the Desert.
    What? Was man made a wheel-work to wind up,
And be discharged, and straight wound up anew?
No! grown, his growth lasts; taught, he ne’er forgets:
May learn a thousand things, not twice the same.
          A Death in the Desert.
    For I say this is death and the sole death,—
When a man’s loss comes to him from his gain,
Darkness from light, from knowledge ignorance,
And lack of love from love made manifest.
          A Death in the Desert.