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John Bartlett (1820–1905). Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. 1919.

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Miscellaneous. (continued)
Now noisy, noxious numbers notice nought,
Of outward obstacles o’ercoming ought;
Poor patriots perish, persecution’s pest!
Quite quiet Quakers “Quarter, quarter” quest;
Reason returns, religion, right, redounds,
Suwarrow stop such sanguinary sounds!
Truce to thee, Turkey, terror to thy train!
Unwise, unjust, unmerciful Ukraine!
Vanish vile vengeance, vanish victory vain!
Why wish we warfare? wherefore welcome won
Xerxes, Xantippus, Xavier, Xenophon?
Yield, ye young Yaghier yeomen, yield your yell!
Zimmerman’s, Zoroaster’s, Zeno’s zeal
Again attract; arts against arms appeal.
All, all ambitious aims, avaunt, away!
Et cætera, et cætera, et cætera.
          Alliteration, or the Siege of Belgrade: a Rondeau. 1
    But were it to my fancy given
To rate her charms, I ’d call them heaven;
For though a mortal made of clay,
Angels must love Ann Hathaway;
She hath a way so to control,
To rapture the imprisoned soul,
And sweetest heaven on earth display,
That to be heaven Ann hath a way;
      She hath a way,
      Ann Hathaway,—
To be heaven’s self Ann hath a way.
          Attributed to Shakespeare. 2
Note 1.
These lines having been incorrectly printed in a London publication, we have been favoured by the author with an authentic copy of them.—Wheeler’s Magazine, vol. i. p. 244. (Winchester, England, 1828.) [back]
Note 2.
This poem entire may be found in Rossiter Johnson’s “Famous Single and Fugitive Poems.” [back]