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John Bartlett (1820–1905). Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. 1919.

Thomas Buhanan Read 1822-1872 John Bartlett

    Within the sober realm of leafless trees,
  The russet year inhaled the dreamy air;
Like some tanned reaper, in his hour of ease,
  When all the fields are lying brown and bare.
          The closing Scene. Sc. i.
    My soul to-day
Is far away
Sailing the Vesuvian Bay.
    With dreamful eyes
My spirit lies
Under the walls of Paradise.
    Yon deep bark goes
Where Traffic blows
From lands of sun to lands of snows;—
  Yon happier one,
  Its course is run
From lands of snow to lands of sun.
    We bring roses, beautiful fresh roses,
Dewy as the morning and colored like the dawn.
          The new pastoral Book.
    O Night! most beautiful and rare!
  Thou givest the heavens their holiest hue,
And through the azure fields of air
  Bring’st down the gentle dew.
    The terrible rumble, grumble and roar
Telling the battle was on once more—
And Sheridan twenty miles away!
          Sheridan’s Ride.