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John Bartlett (1820–1905). Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. 1919.

Thomas Holley Chivers 1807-1858 John Bartlett

    Many mellow Cydonian suckets
  Sweet apples, anthosmial, divine,
From the ruby-rimmed beryline buckets
  Star-gemmed, lily-shaped, hyaline;
Like the sweet golden goblet found growing
  On the wild emerald cucumber-tree,
Rich, brilliant, like chrysophrase glowing
  Was my beautiful Rosalie Lee.
          Rosalie Lee.
    In the music of the morns
Blown through the Conchimarian horns,
Down the dark vistas of the reboantic Norns,
To the Genius of Eternity
Crying, “Come to me! Come to me!”
          The Poet’s Vacation.
    On the beryl-rimmed rebecs of Ruby
  Brought fresh from the hyaline streams,
She played on the banks of the Yuba
  Such songs as she heard in her dreams.
          Lily Adair.
    As an egg, when broken, never
Can be mended, but must ever
Be the same crushed egg for ever—
So shall this dark heart of mine!
          To Allegra Florence in Heaven.
      As the diamond is the crystalline Revelator of the achromatic white light of Heaven, so is a perfect poem the crystalline revelation of the Divine Idea.
          Preface to Eonchs of Ruby.