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John Bartlett (1820–1905). Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. 1919.

William Winter 1836-1917 John Bartlett

    Though all the bards of earth were dead,
  And all their music passed away,
What Nature wishes should be said
  She’ll find the rightful voice to say.
          The golden Silence.
    When will the dead world cease to dream,
  When will the morning break?
          The Night Watch.
    White sail upon the ocean verge,
  Just crimsoned by the setting sun,
Thou hast thy port beyond the surge,
  Thy happy homeward course to run
And winged hope, with heart of fire,
To gain the bliss of thy desire.
    The golden time of Long Ago.
          I. H. Bromley.
    His love was like the liberal air,—
  Embracing all, to cheer and bless;
And every grief that mortals share
  Found pity in his tenderness.
          I. H. Bromley.
    Fierce for the right, he bore his part
  In strife with many a valiant foe;
But Laughter winged his polished dart,
  And kindness tempered every blow.
          I. H. Bromley.