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C.N. Douglas, comp. Forty Thousand Quotations: Prose and Poetical. 1917.

Christ (Resurrection of)

Having made an expiation for sins, He is set down on God’s right hand forever. There is no more that even Immanuel can do. This is Love’s extremest effort, God’s last and greatest gift, God’s own sacrifice. Can there be any escape for those who neglect so great salvation?

James Hamilton.

In His discourses, His miracles, His parables, His sufferings, His resurrection, He gradually raises the pedestal of His humanity before the world, but under a cover, until the shaft reaches from the grave to the heavens, when He lifts the curtain, and displays the figure of a man on a throne, for the worship of the universe; and clothing His church with His own power. He authorizes it to baptize and to preach remission of sins in His own name.

Edward Thomson.

Step by step, He had raised their conceptions of Him nearer the unspeakable grandeur of His true nature and work. At first the Teacher, He had, after a time, by gradual disclosures, revealed Himself as the Son of God veiled in the form of man; and, now, since His crucifixion and resurrection, He had taught them to see in Him the Messiah, exalted to immortal and Divine majesty, as the conqueror of death and the Lord of all.

James Hamilton.

But who is this that cometh from the tomb, with dyed garments from the bed of death? He that is glorious in His appearance, walking in the greatness of strength? It is thy Prince, O Zion! Christian, it is your Lord! He hath trodden the wine-press alone; He hath stained His raiment with blood; but now as the first-born from the womb of nature, He meets the morning of His resurrection. He arises, a conqueror from the grave; He returns with blessings from the world of spirits; He brings salvation to the sons of men. Never did the returning sun usher in a day so glorious! It was the jubilee of the universe!

Rev. Dr. Hardie.