C.N. Douglas, comp. Forty Thousand Quotations: Prose and Poetical. 1917.


Energy and persistence conquer all things.


He alone has energy that cannot be deprived of it.


Women love energy and grand results.


Thought and action are the redeeming features of our lives.


Energy, even like the biblical grain of mustard-seed, will remove mountains.

Hosea Ballou.

It is unreasonable for us to look for as great a degree of energy in a woman as in a man; energy is quite as much of a physical as a mental product.


Energy will do anything that can be done in this world; and no talents, no circumstances, no opportunities, will make a two-legged animal a man without it.


We should act with as much energy as those who expect everything from themselves; and we should pray with as much earnestness as those who expect everything from God.


The shortest and surest way to prove a work possible is strenuously to set about it; and no wonder if that proves it possible that for the most part makes it so.


Is there one whom difficulties dishearten—who bends to the storm? He will do little. Is there one who will conquer? That kind of man never fails.


Strong impulses are but another name for energy. Energy may be turned to bad uses; but more good may always be made of an energetic nature, than of an indolent and impassive one.

John Stuart Mill.

He who would do some great thing in this short life must apply himself to the work with such a concentration of his forces as, to idle spectators, who live only to amuse themselves, looks like insanity.


No conjunction can possibly occur, however fearful, however tremendous it may appear, from which a man by his own energy may not extricate himself, as a mariner by the rattling of his cannon can dissipate the impending waterspout.