C.N. Douglas, comp. Forty Thousand Quotations: Prose and Poetical. 1917.


Splendidly mendacious.


False in one thing, false in everything.

Law Maxim.

  • Had she been true,
  • If Heaven would make me such another world
  • Of one entire and perfect chrysolite,
  • I’d not have sold her for it.
  • Shakespeare.

  • As false
  • As air, as water, as wind, as sandy earth;
  • As fox to lamb; as wolf to heifer’s calf;
  • Pard to the hind, or stepdame to her son.
  • Shakespeare.

    He who is false to his fellow-man is also false to his Maker.


    False as the adulterate promises of favorites in power when poor men court them.


    False-dealing travels a short road, and surely detected.

    William Penn.

  • Stealing her soul with many vows of faith;
  • And ne’er a true one.
  • Shakespeare.

    False as stairs of sand.


    To be true is manly, chivalrous, Christian; to be false is mean, cowardly, devilish.


    He seemed for dignity composed and high exploit; but all was false and hollow.


    It is far better to be deceived than undeceived by those whom we tenderly love.

    La Rochefoucauld.

    So the false spider, when her nets are spread, deep ambushed in her silent den does lie.