C.N. Douglas, comp. Forty Thousand Quotations: Prose and Poetical. 1917.


Your play needs no excuse.


What subtle hole is this?


The harder matched, the greater victory.


Strike, brave boys, and take your turns.


  • So they
  • Doubly redoubled strokes.
  • Shakespeare.

  • Where will I get a little page,
  • Where will I get a caddie?
  • Thistle of Scotland.

    Don’t drive at a fellow-creature, so long as there is a reasonable chance of hitting him.

    W. E. Norris.

  • When driving ceases, may we still be able
  • To play the shorts, putt and be comfortable.
  • G. F. Carnegie.

  • Welcome, grave stranger, to our green retreats,
  • Where health with exercise and freedom meets.
  • Scott.

    Either a wise man will not go into bunkers, or, being in, he will endure such things as befall him with patience.

    A. Lang.

    We want a boy extremely for this function.

    Beaumont and Fletcher.

  • Time-honored golf! I heard it whispered once
  • That he who could not play was held a dunce
  • On old Olympus, when it teemed with gods.
  • G. F. Carnegie.

  • One only thought can enter every head;
  • The thought of golf, to wit—and that engages
  • Men of all sizes, tempers, ranks and ages.
  • G. F. Carnegie.

  • And we’ve leeved it every hour,
  • But say not at all we will loft our ball
  • And hauff the hole in fower.
  • Then dormy hame we can sing through the round,
  • And die like golfers keen,
  • We’ve played fu’ weel the short game and lang,
  • The game on the golfing-green.
  • Thomas Dykes.