C.N. Douglas, comp. Forty Thousand Quotations: Prose and Poetical. 1917.


The character of the common people changes in a single day.


The will of the people is the best law.

U. S. Grant.

The people are the only sovereigns of any country.

R. D. Owen.

The vulgar and the many are fit only to be led or driven.


The second, sober thought of the people is seldom wrong, and always efficient.

Martin Van Buren.

By gaining the people, the kingdom is gained; by losing the people, the kingdom is lost.


No party should fear to go before the people for their decision.

Robert Yates.

Orators inflame the people, whose anger is really but a short fit of madness.


  • And what the people but a herd confus’d,
  • A miscellaneous rabble, who extol
  • Things vulgar, and, well weigh’d, scarce worth the praise?
  • They praise, and they admire, they know not what,
  • And know not whom, but as one leads the other;
  • And what delight to be by such extoll’d,
  • To live upon their tongues, and be their talk,
  • Of whom to be disprais’d were no small praise?
  • Milton.