C.N. Douglas, comp. Forty Thousand Quotations: Prose and Poetical. 1917.


Blessed be the pure in heart, for they shall see God.


Purity in person and in morals is true godliness.

Hosea Ballou.

The smallest speck is seen on snow.


Pure and chaste as the falling snow.

T. B. Read.

Every pure thought is a glimpse of God.


Purity of mind and conduct is the first glory of a woman.

Mme. de Staël.

Purity lives and derives its life solely from the Spirit of God.


Cleanse the fountain if you would purify the streams.

A. Bronson Alcott.

The stream is always purer at its source.


Only the heart without a stain knows perfect ease.


Be purity of life the test, leave to the heart, to heaven the rest.


Purity is the feminine, truth the masculine, of honor.


There’s nothing ill can dwell in such a temple.


There dwelleth in the sinlessness of youth a sweet rebuke that vice may not endure.

Mrs. Embury.

  • An angel might have stoop’d to see,
  • And bless’d her for her purity.
  • Dr. Mackay.

    While our hearts are pure, our lives are happy and our peace is sure.

    William Winter.

    Purity of heart is the noblest inheritance, and love the fairest ornament, of woman.

    Matthias Claudius.

    Let thy mind’s sweetness have its operation upon thy body, clothes, and habitation.

    George Herbert.

    As pure in thought as angels are, to know her was to love her.


    I pray Thee, O God, that I may be beautiful within.


    The man who in this world can keep the whiteness of his soul is not likely to lose it in any other.

    Alexander Smith.

  • ’Tis said the lion will turn and flee
  • From a maid in the pride of her purity.
  • Byron.

    The sun, though it passes through dirty places, yet remains as pure as before.

    Sir E. Coke.

    He that has light within his own clear breast may sit in the center, and enjoy bright day.


    God be thanked that there are some in the world to whose hearts the barnacles will not cling.

    J. G. Holland.

  • Her form was fresher than the morning rose
  • When the dew wets its leaves; unstained and pure
  • As is the lily, or the mountain snow.
  • Thomson.

    The love of woman is a precious treasure. Tenderness has no deeper source, devotion no purer shrine, sacrifice no more saintlike abnegation.


    The chaste mind, like a polished plane, may admit foul thoughts, without receiving their tincture.


  • A spirit pure as hers,
  • Is always pure, even while it errs:
  • As sunshine, broken in the rill,
  • Though turned astray, is sunshine still.
  • Moore.

    The purer the golden vessel, the more readily is it bent; the higher worth of woman is sooner lost than that of man.


    Who has a breast so pure but some uncleanly apprehensions keep leets and law-days and in session sit with meditations lawful?


    If a woman be herself pure and noble-hearted, she will come into every circle as a person does into a heated room, who carries with him the freshness of the woods where he has been walking.

    Frances Power Cobbe.

    By the ancients, courage was regarded as practically the main part of virtue; by us, though I hope we are not less brave, purity is so regarded now.

    J. C. Hare.

  • And steal immortal kisses from her lips;
  • Which even in pure and vestal modesty,
  • Still blush as thinking their own kisses sin.
  • Shakespeare.

  • Spring has no blossom fairer than thy form;
  • Winter no snow-wreath purer than thy mind;
  • The dew-drop trembling to the morning beam
  • Is like thy smile, pure, transient, heaven-refin’d.
  • Mrs. Lydia Jane Pierson.

  • Around her shone
  • The light of love, the purity of grace,
  • The mind, the music breathing from her face;
  • The heart whose softness harmonized the whole;
  • And, oh! that eye was in itself a soul!
  • Byron.