C.N. Douglas, comp. Forty Thousand Quotations: Prose and Poetical. 1917.


Sects differ more in name than tenets.


Fierce sectarianism breeds fierce latitudinarianism.

De Quincey.

The effective strength of sects is not to be ascertained merely by counting heads.


  • But since our sects in prophecy grow higher,
  • The text inspires not them, but they the text inspire.
  • Dryden.

  • His liberal soul with every sect agreed,
  • Unheard their reasons, he received their creed.
  • Crabbe.

    For forms of faith let graceless zealots fight; his can’t be wrong whose life is in the right.


    Few sects have derived their sentiments purely from sacred oracles, but are the emanations of distinguished leaders.

    Robert Hall.

    The Japanese, who have but two systems of religion,—namely, that of Buddhism and Shintoism,—have yet many sects under each.

    Henry Mason.

    All sects are different, because they come from men; morality is everywhere the same, because it comes from God.