C.N. Douglas, comp. Forty Thousand Quotations: Prose and Poetical. 1917.


Great is the tailor, but not the greatest.


Thy clothes are all the soul thou hast.

Beaumont and Fletcher.

Thou art a strange fellow: a tailor make a man? Ay, a tailor, sir; a stone-cutter or a painter could not have made him so ill, though he had been but two hours at the trade.


  • Thy gown? why, ay,—come, tailor, let us see’t.
  • O mercy, God! what masquing stuff is here?
  • What’s this? a sleeve; ’tis like a demi-cannon:
  • What, up and down, carv’d like an apple-tart?
  • Here’s snip and nip and cut and slish and slash.
  • Like to a censer in a barber’s shop;
  • Why, what i’ devil’s name, tailor, call’st thou this!
  • Shakespeare.

  • O monstrous arrogance, thou liest, thou thread,
  • Thou thimble,
  • Thou yard, three-quarters, half-yard, quarter, nail,
  • Thou flea, thou nit, thou winter-cricket, thou:—
  • Brav’d in mine own house with a skein of thread!
  • Away thou rag, thou quantity, thou remnant;
  • Or I shall so be-mete thee with thy yard,
  • As thou shalt think on prating whilst thou liv’st!
  • Shakespeare.

  • What a fine man
  • Hath your tailor made you!
  • Massinger.

  • Sister, look ye,
  • How, by a new creation of my tailor’s
  • I’ve shook off old mortality.
  • John Ford.

  • Yes, if they would thank their maker,
  • And seek no further; but they have new creators,
  • God tailor and god mercer.
  • Massinger.

  • Thou villain base,
  • Know’st me not by my clothes?
  • No, nor thy tailor, rascal,
  • Who is thy grandfather; he made those clothes,
  • Which, as it seems, make thee.
  • Shakespeare.

  • As if thou e’er wert angry
  • But with thy tailor! and yet that poor shred
  • Can bring more to the making up of a man,
  • Than can be hoped from thee; thou art his creature;
  • And did he not, each morning, new create thee,
  • Thou’dst stink and be forgotten.
  • Massinger.