C.N. Douglas, comp. Forty Thousand Quotations: Prose and Poetical. 1917.


To-morrow is, ah, whose?

D. M. Mulock.

To-morrow do thy worst, for I have lived to-day.


Ask me questions concerning to-morrow.


  • To-morrow is a satire on to-day,
  • And shows its weakness.
  • Young.

  • Dreaming of a to-morrow, which to-morrow
  • Will be as distant then as ’tis to-day.
  • Tome Burguillos.

    To-morrow the dreams and flowers will fade.


    Boast not thyself of to-morrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.


    To-morrow even may bring the final reckoning.


    Who knows whether the gods will add to-morrow to the present hour?


  • To-morrow comes, and we are where?
  • Then let us live to-day.
  • Schiller.

  • To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,
  • Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
  • To the last syllable of recorded time.
  • Shakespeare.

    To-morrow to fresh woods, and pastures new.


    In human hearts what bolder thoughts can rise than man’s presumption on to-morrow’s dawn? Where is to-morrow?


    To-morrow!—it is a period nowhere to be found in all the hoary registers of time, unless perchance in the fool’s calendar.


    There is no to-morrow; though before our face the shadow named so stretches, we always fail to o’ertake it, hasten as we may.

    Margaret J. Preston.

    Heaven makes sport of human affairs, and the present hour gives no sure promise of the next.


  • Far off I hear the crowing of the cocks,
  • And through the opening door that time unlocks
  • Feel the fresh breathing of To-morrow creep.
  • Longfellow.

  • To-morrow; never yet was born
  • In earth’s dull atmosphere a thing so fair—
  • Never tripped, with footsteps light as air,
  • So glad a vision o’er the hills of morn.
  • Julia C. R. Dorr.

  • To-morrow yet would reap to-day,
  • As we bear blossoms of the dead;
  • Earn well the thrifty months, nor wed
  • Raw Haste, half-sister to Delay.
  • Tennyson.

  • How oft my guardian angel gently cried,
  • “Soul, from thy casement look, and thou shalt see
  • How he persists to knock and wait for thee!”
  • And, O! how often to that voice of sorrow,
  • “To-morrow we will open,” I replied,
  • And when the morrow came I answered still, “To-morrow.”
  • Tome Burguillos.

  • A shining isle in a stormy sea,
  • We seek it ever with smiles and sighs;
  • To-day is sad, In the bland To-be,
  • Serene and lovely To-morrow lies.
  • Mary Clemmer.

  • Some say “to-morrow” never comes,
  • A saying oft thought right;
  • But if to-morrow never came,
  • No end were of “to-night.”
  • The fact is this, time flies so fast,
  • That e’er we’ve time to say
  • “To-morrow’s come,” presto! behold!
  • “To-morrow” proves “To-day.”
  • Anonymous.

    To-morrow thou wilt live, didst thou say, Posthumus? to-day is too late; he is the wise man who lived yesterday.


  • To-morrow’s fate, though thou be wise,
  • Thou canst not tell nor yet surmise;
  • Pass, therefore, not to-day in vain,
  • For it will never come again.
  • Omar Khayyám.

  • To-morrow, what delight is in to-morrow!
  • What laughter and what music, breathing joy,
  • Float from the woods and pastures, wavering down,
  • Dropping like echoes through the long to-day,
  • Where childhood waits with weary expectation.
  • T. B. Read.

  • O, fair To-morrow, what our souls have missed
  • Art thou not keeping for us, somewhere, still?
  • The buds of promise that have never blown—
  • The tender lips that we have never kissed—
  • The song whose high, sweet strain eludes our skill,
  • The one white pearl that life hath never known.
  • Julia C. R. Dorr.

  • To-morrow cheats us all. Why dost thou stay,
  • And leave undone what should be done to-day?
  • Begin—the present minute’s in thy power;
  • But still t’ adjourn, and wait a fitter hour,
  • Is like the clown, who at some river’s side
  • Expecting stands, in hopes the running tide
  • Will all ere long be past.—Fool! not to know
  • It still has flow’d the same, and will for ever flow.
  • Hughes.

  • To-morrow’s action! Can that hoary wisdom,
  • Borne down with years, still dote upon to-morrow,—
  • That fatal mistress of the young, the lazy,
  • The coward, and the fool, condemn’d to lose
  • A useless life in waiting for to-morrow,
  • To gaze with longing eyes upon to-morrow,
  • Till interposing death destroys the prospect!
  • Dr. Johnson.

    To-morrow may never come to us. We do not live in to-morrow. We cannot find it in any of our title-deeds. The man who owns whole blocks of real estate, and great ships on the sea, does not own a single minute of to-morrow. To-morrow! It is a mysterious possibility, not yet born. It lies under the seal of midnight, behind the veil of glittering constellations.


  • To-morrow is that lamp upon the marsh, which a traveller never reacheth;
  • To-morrow, the rainbow’s cup, coveted prize of ignorance;
  • To-morrow, the shifting anchorage, dangerous trust of manners;
  • To-morrow, the wrecker’s beacon, wily snare of the destroyer.
  • Reconcile conviction with delay, and To-morrow is a fatal lie;
  • Frighten resolutions into action, To-morrow is a wholesome truth.
  • Tupper.