Grocott & Ward, comps. Grocott’s Familiar Quotations, 6th ed. 189-?.


Mankind praise against their will,
And mix as much detraction as they can.
Dr. Young.—Night VIII. Line 494.

I hate the man who builds his name
On ruins of another’s fame.
Gay.—Fable XLV. Line 1.

Black detraction will find faults where they are not.
Massinger.—The Guardian, Act I. Scene 1.

The low desire, the base design
That makes another’s virtues less.
Longfellow.—The Ladder of St. Augustine.

Deus nobis hæc otia fecit.
Virgil.—Eclogue I. (Tityrus to Melibæus.)

A God hath vouchsafed us this tranquillity.
The Motto of the Arms of Liverpool.