Grocott & Ward, comps. Grocott’s Familiar Quotations, 6th ed. 189-?.


All human things are subject to decay,
And when fate summons, monarchs must obey.
Dryden.—Mac Flecknoe, Line 1.

With equal pace, impartial fate
Knocks at the palace as the cottage gate.
Francis.—Horace, Book I., Ode IV., Line 17.

Fate steals along with silent tread,
Found oftenest in what least we dread;
Frowns in the storm with angry brow,
But in the sunshine strikes the blow.
Cowper.—Tale of the Raven, Line 36.

To bear is to conquer our fate.
Campbell.—On visiting a scene in Argyleshire, Last Line.

Matrons, who toss the cup, and see
The grounds of Fate in grounds of Tea.
Churchill.—The Ghost, Line 117.

Prophecy is no fatalism.
Augustine.—“Predixi non fixi.”