Grocott & Ward, comps. Grocott’s Familiar Quotations, 6th ed. 189-?.


One science only will one genius fit;
So vast is art, so narrow human wit.
Pope.—On Criticism, Part I. Line 60.

Genius must be born, and never can be taught.
Dryden.—Epistle X. to Congreve.

Poeta nascitur, non fit.
“An old proverb,” says Sidney, “and supposed to be from Florus.”—“The poet is born, not made.” See Ben Jonson’s comedy of “Every Man in his Humour,” (Gifford’s ed.) Act V. Scene last.

So feels the fulness of our heart and eyes
When all of genius which can perish dies.
Byron.—Monody on Sheridan, Line 21.

Watering the plants of genius.
Cellini.—The Patronage of Princes, Chap. XI.