Grocott & Ward, comps. Grocott’s Familiar Quotations, 6th ed. 189-?.


No man has come to true greatness who has not felt in some degree that his life belongs to his race, and that what God gives him He gives him for mankind.
Phillips Brooks.—Sermons: The Purpose and Use of Comfort.

The greatest man is he who chooses the Right with invincible resolution, who resists the sorest temptations from within and without, who bears the heaviest burdens cheerfully, who is calmest in storms and most fearless under menace and frowns, whose reliance on truth, on virtue, on God, is most unfaltering. I believe this greatness to be most common among the multitude, whose names are never heard.
William E. Channing.—Every Man Great.

Nothing is more simple than greatness; indeed, to be simple is to be great.
Emerson.—Literary Ethics.

The man who has risen to greatness was never yet wanting in gods.
Charles G. Leland.—The Return of the Gods.

Great truths are portions of the soul of man;
Great souls are portions of eternity.
Lowell.—Sonnet VI.

It is as great to be a woman as to be a man.
Walt Whitman.—Leaves of Grass, Part XXI. St. 108.

There is a better thing than the great man who is always speaking, and that is the great man who only speaks when he has a great word to say.
William Winter.—English Rambles, Part I. Chap. V.