Grocott & Ward, comps. Grocott’s Familiar Quotations, 6th ed. 189-?.


His comrades’ terrors to beguile,
Grinn’d horribly a ghastly smile.
Churchill.—The Ghost, Book II.

He ceas’d for both seem’d highly pleas’d, and
Death grinn’d horrible a ghastly smile, to hear
His famine should be fill’d, and blest his maw
Destin’d to that good hour.
Milton.—Par. Lost, Book II. Line 846.

Not even one was willing to imitate a dog when provoked; if they didn’t laugh, they might at least have grinn’d with their teeth.
Riley’s Plautus.—The Captive, Act III. Scene 1. Page 448.

They grin like a dog, and run about through the city.
Psalm lix. Ver. 6.