Grocott & Ward, comps. Grocott’s Familiar Quotations, 6th ed. 189-?.


Our country manners give our betters way.
Shakespeare.—King John, Act I. Scene 1. (The Bastard to Queen Elinor.)

Manners make the man.
Motto of William of Wykeham.

Education makes the man.
Cawthorne.—Birth and Education of Genius.

The attentive eyes,
That saw the manners in the face.
Dr. Johnson.—Epitaph for Hogarth.

Impartially their talents scan,
Just education forms the man.
Gay.—Fable XIV. Part 2.

Worth makes the man, and want of it the fellow,
The rest is all but leather or prunella.
Pope.—Essay on Man, Epi. IV. Line 203.

Meantime intent the fairest plan to find,
To form the manners and improve the mind.
Fenton.—Epi. to Lambard.

Evil habits soil a fine dress more than mud; good manners, by their deeds, easily set off a lowly garb.
Riley’s Plautus, The Pœnulus, Act I. Scene 2; The Mostellaria, Act I. Scene 3.

Evil communications corrupt good manners.
St. Paul.—1 Corinthians, Chap. xv. Ver. 33; Menander. Ex Thaide, p. 78. (Dr. Ramage.)