Grocott & Ward, comps. Grocott’s Familiar Quotations, 6th ed. 189-?.


The eternal jewels of the short-lived night.
Mary Mapes Dodge.—The Stars.

They wait all day unseen by us, unfelt;
Patient they bide behind the day’s full glare;
And we who watched the dawn when they were there,
Thought we had seen them in the daylight melt,
While the slow sun upon the earth-line knelt.
Mary Mapes Dodge.—The Stars.

The radiant stars
Still singing as they shine,
Unheard through earth’s imprisoning bars,
Have voices sweet.
Holmes.—After a Lecture on Moore.

The curtain of the dark
Is pierced by many a rent:
Out of the star-wells, spark on spark
Trickles through night’s torn tent.
Lucy Larcom.—The Curtain of the Dark.

The stars, the thoughts of God in the
Longfellow.—Evangeline, Book III. Line 54.

The twilight hours like birds flew by,
As lightly and as free;
Ten thousand stars were in the sky,
The thousand on the sea.

For every wave, with dimpled face,
That leaped upon the air,
Had caught a star in its embrace
And held it trembling there.
Amelia B. Welby.—Twilight at Sea. A Fragment.