Grocott & Ward, comps. Grocott’s Familiar Quotations, 6th ed. 189-?.


The Whigs are all cyphers, and I am the only unit in the cabinet which gives a value to them.
Fuller’s Holy War, Book I. Page 16, Chap. x.; Plutarch’s Apophthegms, for a saying of Orontes; Bacon’s Apophthegms, and a note to the saying in Bohn’s edition of Bacon’s Essays, Page 175.

And therefore like a cypher, yet standing in rich place, I must multiply with one,—we thank you, many thousands more that go before it.
Shakespeare.—Winter’s Tale, Act I. Scene 2. (Polixenes.)

I look upon the Whigs and Dissenters to be exactly of the same political faith.
Swift.—Examiner, No. 40. (Swift’s Life by Roscoe.)

There is hardly a Whig in Ireland who would allow a potato and buttermilk to a reputed Tory.
Swift.—To Dr. Sheridan. (11th Sept., 1725.)

1.A most fine figure!
2.To prove you a cypher.
Shakespeare.—Love’s Labour’s Lost, Act I. Scene 2.