Grocott & Ward, comps. Grocott’s Familiar Quotations, 6th ed. 189-?.


The wind sits in the shoulder of your sail,
And you are staid for.
Shakespeare.—Hamlet, Act I. Scene 3. (Polonius to his Son.)

Ill blows the wind that profits nobody.
Shakespeare.—King Henry VI., Part III. Act II. Scene 5. (A Son who has killed his Father.)

Now sits the wind fair, and we will aboard.
Shakespeare.—King Henry V., Act II. Scene 2. (The King to his Suite.)

While rocking winds are piping loud.
Milton.—Il Penseroso, Line 126.

The wind.
A sightless labourer, whistles at his work.
Wordsworth.—The Excursion, Book IV. Page 143.

Blow, wind! come, wrack!
At least we’ll die with harness on our back.
Shakespeare.—Macbeth, Act V. Scene 5. (On hearing that the Wood was moving towards Dunsinane.)

What wind hath blown him hither?
Milton.—Samson Agonistes.

He rode upon the cherubims, and did fly; he came flying upon the wings of the wind.
Psalm xviii. Verse 10.

And maketh the clouds his chariot, and walketh upon the wings of the wind.
Psalm ci. Verse 3.

And, pleas’d th’ Almighty orders to perform,
Rides in the whirlwind, and directs the storm.
Addison.—The Campaign; Pope, The Dunciad, Book III. Line 263; Essay on Man, Epi. II. Line 110.

Almighty power upon the whirlwind rode,
And every blast proclaim’d aloud,
There is, there is, there is a God.
Defoe.—The Storm.

What wind blew you hither, Pistol?
Not the ill wind which blows none to good.
Shakespeare.—King Henry IV., Part II. Act V. Scene 3. (Falstaff to him.)

Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks! rage! blow!
Shakespeare.—King Lear, Act III. Scene 2. (Lear on the heath with the Fool.)

Breathe soft, ye winds! ye waves, in silence sleep.
Gay.—Epi. I.