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Chapters from the Koran.
The Harvard Classics. 1909–14.

Mecca Suras Mecca Suras

The Chapter of the Resurrection

IN the name of the merciful and compassionate God.

I need not swear by the resurrection day!

Nor need I swear by the self-accusing soul!

Does man think that we shall not collect his bones? Able are we to arrange his finger tips!

Nay, but man wishes to be wicked henceforward! he asks, When is the resurrection day?

But when the sight shall be dazed, and the moon be eclipsed, and the sun and the moon be together, and man shall say upon that day, ‘Where is a place to flee to?’—nay, no refuge! and to thy Lord that day is the sure settlement: He will inform man on that day of what He has sent forward or delayed!

Nay, man is an evidence against himself, and even if he thrusts forward his excuses—.

Do not move thy tongue thereby to hasten it. It is for us to collect it and to read it; and when we read it then follow its reading. And again it is for us to explain it.

Nay, indeed, but ye love the transient life, and ye neglect the hereafter!

Faces on that day shall be bright, gazing on their Lord!

And faces on that day shall be dismal!

Thou wilt think that a back-breaking calamity has happened to them!

Nay, but when the [soul] comes up into the throat, and it is said, ‘Who will charm it back?’ and he will think that it is his parting [hour]. And leg shall be pressed on leg; unto thy Lord on that day shall the driving be.

For he did not believe and did not pray; but he said it was a lie, and turned his back! Then he went to his people haughtily—woe to thee, and woe to thee! again woe to thee, and woe to thee!

Does man think that he shall be left to himself?

Wasn’t he a clot of emitted seed? Then he was congealed blood, and (God) created him, and fashioned him, and made of him pairs, male and female.

Is not He able to quicken the dead?