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Frederick II

Born in 1712, died in 1786; became King of Prussia and invaded Silesia in 1740; defeated the Austrians in 1741, 1742 and 1745; invaded Saxony, beginning the Seven Years’ War in 1756; defeated the Austrians in 1756; invaded Bohemia in 1757; defeated the Austrians at Prague, but himself defeated at Kolin and driven out of Bohemia in 1757; in the same year defeated the French at Rossbach and the Austrians at Leuthen; defeated the Russians at Zorndorf in 1758, but himself defeated at Kunersdorf in 1759, his fortunes being now reduced to their lowest ebb; finally, through changes in foreign relations, he, in 1763, concluded a treaty with Austria which secured what he formerly had gained and then had lost, and in 1772 he joined in the partition of Poland.