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James Ford Rhodes (1848–1927). History of the Civil War, 1861–1865. 1917.

Abbreviations of Titles of Authorities

ADAMS, BROOKS.  Laird Rams.
ADAMS, C. F.  Life of Charles Francis Adams by C. F. Adams.
ADAMS, C. F. M. H. S.  C. F. Adams in Massachusetts Historical Society. Proceedings.
ADAMS, C. F. OXFORD LECTURES.  Trans-Atlantic Historical Solidarity. (1913.)
ADAMS’S DANA.  Life of Richard H. Dana. C. F. Adams.
ADAMS, HENRY.  Education of Henry Adams.
ALEXANDER.  Military Memoirs of a Confederate. E. P. Alexander.
ALFRIEND.  Life of J. Davis. F. H. Alfriend.
ALLAN.  The Army of Northern Virginia in 1862. William Allan.
B. & L.  Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. The Century Co. The same work which in my large history I called Century War Book.
BACHE.  Life of Gen. Meade. Richard M. Bache.
BANCROFT.  Life of William H. Seward. Frederic Bancroft.
BERNARD.  The Neutrality of Great Britain.
BIGELOW, JOHN.  Retrospections of an Active Life.
BIGELOW, J., JR.  The Campaign of Chancellorsville.
BISMARCK.  Bismarck’s Autobiography.
BOARD OF ARMY OFFICERS’ REPORT.  On Brown’s Ferry, 1863, and Review of the Report by W. F. Smith.
BRADFORD, G. AM. HIST. REV.  Amer. Hist. Rev., Jan., 1915, article Gen. Meade.
BROOKS, NOAH.  Washington in Lincoln’s Time.
C. W.  Report of the Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War.
CABOT.  Memoir of Ralph Waldo Emerson. James Elliot Cabot.
CARPENTER.  Six Months at the White House. F. B. Carpenter.
CHADWICK.  Causes of the Civil War. (Hart’s Amer. Nation.)
CHESNUT.  A Diary from Dixie.
CLARENDON.  Life of Clarendon by Maxwell.
COX, J. D.  March to the Sea.
COX’S REMINISCENCES.  Military Reminiscences. J. D. Cox.
CRAWFORD.  The Genesis of the Civil War.
DABNEY.  Life and Campaigns of Stonewall Jackson.
DANA, R. H.  R. H. Dana. The Trent Affair. Mass. Hist. Soc. XLV.
  Charles A. Dana’s Reminiscences; first printed in McClure’s Magazine, published in 1898 as Recollections of the Civil War.
DAVIS, J.  Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government. Jefferson Davis.
DAVIS, MRS. J.  Memoir of J. Davis, by his wife.
DE LA GORCE.  Histoire du Second Empire.
DELANE.  Life of John T. Delane. Dasent.
DEWEY.  Financial History of the United States. D. H. Dewey.
DODGE, G. M.  Personal Recollections of Lincoln, Grant, and Sherman.
EARLY.  Autobiographical Sketch. J. A. Early.
ENC. BRIT.  Encyclopædia Britannica, eleventh ed.
FESSENDEN.  Life of W. P. Fessenden. Fessenden.
FIELD, M. B.  Memories.
FISKE, JOHN.  The Mississippi Valley in the Civil War.
FITE.  Social and Industrial Conditions in the North during the Civil War.
FORBES.  Letters and Recollections of J. M. Forbes. Hughes.
FORCE.  Life of Sherman. W. F. Force.
FOULKE.  Life of Oliver P. Morton.
FREMANTLE.  Three Months in the Southern States. Lieut.-Col. Fremantle.
GARLAND’S GRANT.  Life of Grant.
GLOBE.  Congressional Globe.
GORHAM.  Life of E. M. Stanton.
GRANT.  U. S. Grant. Personal Memoirs.
GRANT’S PRIVATE LETTERS.  Grant’s Letters to a Friend. [E. B. Washburne.]
GRIMES.  Life of Grimes. Salter.
HAMLIN.  The Battle of Chancellorsville. A. C. Hamlin.
HANSON.  The Sixth Massachusetts Regiment.
HARRIS.  The Trent Affair.
HART’S CHASE.  Life of S. P. Chase.
HASKELL, FRANK.  The Battle of Gettysburg. An account written during July, 1863, by Frank A. Haskell, aide-de-camp to General John Gibbon. Wisconsin History Commission, November, 1908.
HAY, J.  Letters and Diary. John Hay. (1908.)
HENDERSON, LIEUT.-COL.  Stonewall Jackson and the American Civil War. Lieut.-Col. G. F. R. Henderson.
HOSMER’S APPEAL.  The Appeal to Arms. J. K. Hosmer. (Hart’s Amer. Nation.)
HUMPHREYS.  The Virginia Campaigns of 1864–65. A. A. Humphreys.
JOHNSTON.  J. E. Johnston’s Narrative.
JOHNSTON, R. M.  Bull Run. Its Strategy and Tactics.
JONES.  Rebel War Clerk’s Diary. J. B. Jones. (1866.)
LECKY.  Democracy and Liberty.
LEE, FITZHUGH.  Life of General Lee.
LEE’S RECOLLECTIONS.  Recollections and Letters of Robert E. Lee, by his son, R. E. Lee.
LETTERMAN.  Medical Recollections of the Army of the Potomac.
LINCOLN, C. W.  Lincoln. Complete Works. Nicolay, Hay. (1894.)
LIVERMORE, T. L.  Numbers and Losses in the Civil War.
LIVERMORE, W. R.  The Story of the Civil War. Continuation of Ropes’s Volumes I, II. (1913.)
LONG.  Memoir of Robert E. Lee.
LONGSTREET.  From Manassas to Appomattox.
LOSSING.  Civil War of America.
LOTHROP.  Life of Seward. Thornton K. Lothrop.
LOWELL.  Letters of J. R. Lowell.
LYONS.  Life of Lord Lyons. Newton.
M. H. S.  Massachusetts Historical Society. Proceedings.
McCLELLAN.  McClellan’s Own Story.
MACDONALD.  Select Statutes of United States History, 1861–98.
MAHAN’S FARRAGUT.  Life of Admiral Farragut. Capt. A. T. Mahan.
MAHAN’S GULF.  The Gulf and Inland Waters. Commander A. T. Mahan.
MARK TWAIN.  Life of Mark Twain. Paine.
MARTIN.  Life of the Prince Consort. Theodore Martin.
MASON, JAMES, M.  The Public Life and Diplomatic Correspondence of James M. Mason.
MEADE, GEN.  Life and Letters of General Meade.
MILT. HIST. SOC.  Papers of the Military Historical Society of Massachusetts.
MORAN’S DIARY.  M. H. S. Proceedings, vol. 48.
MORSE.  Life of Lincoln. J. T. Morse.
N. & H.  Nicolay and Hay. Abraham Lincoln.
NICHOLS.  Letters of Charles Eliot Norton. Sara Norton and M. A. DeWolfe Howe.
O. R.  Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies. Series I understood unless another series is named. When another series is used the number of it in Roman will precede the indication of the volume.
O. R. N.  Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies. Series I understood unless another series is named.
OLLIVIER.  L’Empire Liberal.
PALMERSTON.  Life of Lord Palmerston. Ashley.
PEARSON.  Life of John. A. Andrew.
PICKETT LETTERS.  The Heart of a Soldier. Intimate Letters of General George Pickett. (1913.)
PIERCE.  Life of Sumner. Edward L. Pierce.
PORTER, HORACE.  Campaigning with Grant. Century Magazine, 1896–97.
REID, WHITELAW.  Ohio in the War.
RHODES’S HIST.  Where only volume and page is indicated reference is to my History of the United States is seven volumes.
RHODES’S LECT. REFERRED TO AS LECT.  Lectures on the American Civil War delivered at Oxford. (1913.)
ROPES.  The Story of the Civil War. J. C. Ropes.
RUSSELL.  My Diary North and South. William H. Russell. (1863.)
RUSSELL, EARL.  Life of Lord John Russell. Spencer Walpole.
RUSSELL, W. H., LIFE.  Life of William H. Russell. Atkins.
SCHWAB.  The Confederate States of America.
SHURZ, REMINISCENCES.  The Reminiscences of Carl Schurz.
SCHURZ, SPEECHES.  Speeches, etc. of Carl Schurz. Bancroft.
SCHURZ’S LINCOLN.  Abraham Lincoln. Carl Schurz.
SEWARD.  Seward’s Memoir. F. W. Seward.
SHERMAN, J. REC.  John Sherman’s Recollections of Forty Years.
SHERMAN, W.  Memoirs of Gen. W. T. Sherman.
SHERMAN LETTERS.  Letters between Senator and General Sherman.
SMITH, W. F.  From Chattanooga to Petersburg. W. F. Smith.
SPAULDING.  History of the Legal Tender Paper Money.
STATUTES C. S.  Statutes at Large Confederate States.
SWINTON, A. P.  Swinton’s Army of the Potomac; Decisive Battles of the War.
TANEY.  Memoir of Taney. Tyler.
VON SYBEL.  The Founding of the German Empire.
WALKER, FRANCIS A.  History of the Second Army Corps.
WALKER’S HANCOCK.  Life of General Hancock. Francis A. Walker.
WALPOLE.  History of Twenty-five Years.
WARDEN.  Life of S. P. Chase.
WATSON.  Life in the Confederate Army.
WEBB.  The Peninsula.
WELLES, L. & S.  Gideon Welles. Lincoln and Seward.
WELLES’S DIARY.  Diary of Gideon Welles, Secretary of the Navy.
WHITE, HORACE.  Life of Lyman Trumbull.
WILSON’S DANA.  Life of Charles A. Dana. J. H. Wilson. (1907.)
WILSON’S RAWLINS.  Life of John A. Rawlins. J. H. Wilson. MS.
WILSON’S UNDER THE OLD FLAG.  Under the Old Flag. J. H. Wilson.
WILSON’S W. F. SMITH.  Life of William F. Smith. J. H. Wilson.
WISTER’S GRANT.  Life of Grant. Owen Wister.
WOODBURN.  Life of Thaddeus Stevens.
YOUNG.  Around the World with General Grant. John Russell Young.