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Jacob A. Riis 1849–1914. How the Other Half Lives. 1890.


  1. Frontispiece
  2. Hell’s Kttchen and Sebastopol
  3. Tenement of 1863, for Twelve Families on Each Flat
  4. Tenement of the Old Style. Birth of the Air-Shaft
  5. At the Cradle of the Tenement.—Doorway of an Old-Fashioned Dwelling on Cherry Hill
  6. Upstairs in Blindman’s Alley
  7. An Old Rear-Tenement in Roosevelt Street
  8. In the Home of an Italian Rag-Picker, Jersey Street
  9. The Bend
  10. Bandits’ Roost
  11. Bottle Alley
  12. Lodgers in a Crowded Bayard Street Tenement— “Five Cents a Spot
  13. An All-Night Two-Cent Restaurant, in “the Bend
  14. The Tramp
  15. Bunks in a Seven-Cent Lodging-House, Pell Street
  16. In a Chinese Joint
  17. The Official Organ of Chinatown
  18. A Tramp’s Nest in Ludlow Street
  19. A Market Scene in the Jewish Quarter
  20. The Old Clo’e’s Man—in the Jewish Quarters
  21. Knee-Pants” at Forty-Five Cents a Dozen—A Ludlow Street Sweater’s Shop
  22. Bohemian Cigarmakers at Work in their Tenement
  23. A Black-And-Tan Dive in “Africa
  24. The Open Door
  25. Bird’s-eye View of an East Side Tenement Block
  26. The White Badge of Mourning
  27. In Poverty Gap, West Twenty-Eighth Street. An English Coal-Heaver’s Home
  28. Dispossedssed
  29. The Trench in the Potter’s Field
  30. Prayer-Time in the Nursery—Five Points House of Industry
  31. Didn’t Live Nowhere
  32. Street Arabs in Sleeping Quarters
  33. Getting Ready for Supper in the Newsboys’ Lodging-House
  34. A Downtown “Morgue
  35. A Growler Gang in Session
  36. Typical Toughs (From The Rogues’ Gallery)
  37. Hunting River Thieves
  38. Sewing and Starving in an Elizabeth Street Attic
  39. A Flat in the Pauper Barracks, West Thirty-Eighth Street, with all its Furniture
  40. Coffee at One Cent
  41. Evolution of the Tenement in Twenty Years
  42. General Plan of the Riverside Buildings (A. T. White’s ) in Brooklyn
  43. Floor Plan of One Division in the Riverside Buildings, Showing Six “Apartments