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C.D. Warner, et al., comp.
The Library of the World’s Best Literature. An Anthology in Thirty Volumes. 1917.

Albert Taylor Bledsoe (1809–1877)

Bledsoe, Albert Taylor (bled’sō). A prominent American clergyman, educator, lawyer, editor, soldier, and miscellaneous writer; born at Frankfort, KY, Nov. 9, 1809; died at Alexandria, VA, Dec. 1, 1877. He was Assistant Secretary of War of the Southern Confederacy, and both an Episcopal and a Methodist minister. Besides editing the Southern Review and contributing frequently to leading literary, scientific, and theological periodicals, he wrote: ‘Examination of Edwards on the Will’ (1845); ‘Theodicy’ (new ed. 1853); ‘Philosophy of Mathematics’ (1868); etc.