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C.D. Warner, et al., comp.
The Library of the World’s Best Literature. An Anthology in Thirty Volumes. 1917.

António Diniz da Cruz e Silva (1731–1799)

Diniz da Cruz e Silva, António (dē’nēs dā kröth ē sēl’vä). A Portuguese poet; born at Lisbon in 1731; died at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1799. He was one of the founders of the celebrated literary society, the Lisbon Arcadia. His poetry comprises sonnets (over 300), eclogues, elegies, songs, epigrams, epistles, and several volumes of Pindaric odes; a lengthy poem, ‘Brazil’s Metamorphoses’; and a heroi-comic epic, ‘Hyssop,’—modeled on Boileau’s ‘Lutrin.’