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C.D. Warner, et al., comp.
The Library of the World’s Best Literature. An Anthology in Thirty Volumes. 1917.

Bret Harte (1836–1902)

Harte, [Francis] Bret. A famous American short-story writer and poet; born in Albany, NY, Aug. 25, 1836; died at Camberley, England, May 5, 1902. He published ‘Outcroppings’ (1866), a collection of verse by Californians; ‘The Lost Galleon, and Other Tales’ (1867); ‘Condensed Novels’ (1867); ‘The Luck of Roaring Camp, and Other Sketches’ (1870); ‘Plain Language from Truthful James’ (1870), illustrated edition; ‘The Heathen Chinee’ (1871), special edition; ‘Poems’ (1871); ‘East and West Poems’ (1871); ‘Stories of the Sierras’ (1872); ‘Poetical Works’ (1872); ‘Mrs. Skaggs’s Husbands, and Other Sketches’; ‘M’liss’ (1873); ‘An Episode of Fiddletown, and Other Sketches’ (1873); ‘Echoes of the Foot-Hills’ (1875); ‘Tales of the Argonauts, and Other Sketches’ (1875); ‘Gabriel Conroy’ (1876); ‘Two Men of Sandy Bar’ (1876), a drama; ‘Thankful Blossom’ (1877); ‘The Story of a Mine’ (1878); ‘The Hoodlum Band, and Other Stories’ (1878); ‘Drift from Two Shores’ (1878); ‘An Heiress of Red Dog, and Other Tales’ (1879); ‘The Twins of Marble Mountain, and Other Stories’ (1879); ‘Complete Works’ (1882); ‘Flip and Other Stories’ (1882); ‘In the Carquinez Woods’ (1884); ‘On the Frontier’ (1884); ‘Maruja’ (1885); ‘By Shore and Sedge’ (1885); ‘Snow Bound at Eagle’s’ (1885); ‘The Queen of the Pirate Isle’ (1886); ‘A Millionaire of Rough and Ready’ (1887); ‘Devil’s Ford’ (1887); ‘The Crusade of the Excelsior’ (1887); ‘The Argonauts of North Liberty’ (1888); ‘A Phyllis of the Sierras’ (1888); ‘Cressy’ (1889); ‘The Heritage of Dedlow Marsh, and Other Tales’ (1889); ‘A Waif of the Plains’ (1890); ‘A Ward of the Golden Gate’ (1890); ‘A Sappho of Green Springs, and Other Stories’ (1891); ‘Colonel Starbottle’s Client and Other People’ (1892); ‘A First Family of Tasajera’ (1892); ‘Susy’ (1893); ‘Sally Dows, and Other Stories’ (1893); ‘A Protégée of Jack Hamlin’s, and Other Stories’ (1894); ‘The Bell-Ringer of Angel’s, and Other Stories’ (1894); ‘Clarence’ (1895); ‘In the Hollow of the Hills’ (1895); ‘Three Partners’; etc. (See Critical and Biographical Introduction).