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C.D. Warner, et al., comp.
The Library of the World’s Best Literature. An Anthology in Thirty Volumes. 1917.

Charles Dudley Warner (1829–1900)

Warner, Charles Dudley. An American man of letters and novelist; born in Plainfield, MA, Sept. 12, 1829; died at Hartford, CT, Oct. 20, 1900. He graduated at Hamilton College in 1851, was admitted to the bar in 1856, and practiced in Chicago till 1860, when he removed to Hartford, CT, became editor of the Press in 1861, and of the Courant in 1867. He was connected with Harper’s Monthly Magazine, as the contributor of an editorial department, from 1884. In 1870 he published ‘My Summer in a Garden,’ which was followed by ‘Saunterings’ (1872); ‘Backlog Studies’ (1872); ‘The Gilded Age’ (with S. L. Clemens, 1873); ‘Baddeck, and That Sort of Thing’ (1874); ‘Mummies and Moslems’ (1876—re-issued under the title ‘My Winter on the Nile’); ‘In the Levant’ (1877); ‘Being a Boy’ (1877); ‘In the Wilderness’ (1878); ‘The American Newspaper’ (1879); ‘Studies of Irving’ (with W. C. Bryant and George P. Putnam, 1880); ‘Life of Washington Irving’ (1881); ‘Captain John Smith’ (1881); ‘A Roundabout Journey’ (1883); ‘Their Pilgrimage’ (1886); ‘On Horseback: A Tour in Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee, Published with Notes of Travel in Mexico and California’ (1888); ‘Studies in the South and West, with Comments on Canada’ (1889); ‘A Little Journey in the World: A Novel’ (1889); ‘Looking Forward: The Dual Government Realized’ (1890); ‘Our Italy, Southern California’ (1890); ‘As We Were Saying’ (1891); ‘Washington Irving’ (1892); ‘The Work of Washington Irving’ (1893); ‘As We Go’ (1893); ‘The Golden House: A Novel’ (1894); ‘The Relation of Literature to Life’ (1896); ‘The People for Whom Shakespeare Wrote’ (1897); edited ‘A Library of the World’s Best Literature’ (1896–98). (See Critical and Biographical Introduction).