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C.D. Warner, et al., comp.
The Library of the World’s Best Literature. An Anthology in Thirty Volumes. 1917.

Edward Waterman Townsend (1855–1942)

Townsend, Edward Waterman. An American journalist and writer of dialect stories; born in Cleveland, OH, Feb. 10, 1855; died in 1942. His stories and sketches, first printed in the daily journals, are collected under the titles: ‘Chimmie Fadden, Major Max, and Other Stories’; ‘Chimmie Fadden Explains, Major Max Expounds’; ‘A Daughter of the Tenements’; ‘Near a Whole City Full.’ He also wrote: ‘A Summer in New York’; ‘Reuben Larkmead’; ‘Our Constitution’; ‘Beaver Creek Farm’ (1907); ‘The Climbing Courvatells’ (1909).