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C.D. Warner, et al., comp.
The Library of the World’s Best Literature. An Anthology in Thirty Volumes. 1917.

Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward (1844–1911)

Ward, Elizabeth Stuart (Phelps). An American novelist and poet; born at Andover, MA, Aug. 1844; died at Newton, MA, Jan. 11, 1911. In 1888 she married Herbert D. Ward, with whom she sometimes collaborated. Among her books are: ‘The Gates Ajar’ (1866); one of the most successful of American stories; ‘Men, Women, and Ghosts’ (1869); ‘The Silent Partner’ (1870); ‘The Trotty Book’ (1870); ‘The Story of Avis’ (1877); ‘Old Maid’s Paradise’ (1879); ‘Beyond the Gates’ (1883); ‘Dr. Zay’ (1884); ‘The Gates Between’ (1887); ‘The Master of the Magicians’ (1890); and ‘Come Forth’ (1890). Jointly with her husband she wrote: ‘Poetic Studies,’ verse (1885); ‘Songs of the Silent World’ (1885); and ‘The Struggle for Immortality’ (1889), a volume of essays. Her most recent work is ‘The Story of Jesus Christ’ (1897); ‘Trixy’ (1904); ‘The Man in the Case’; ‘Walled In’ (1907); ‘The Empty House’ (1910); ‘A Chariot of Fire’ (1910). (See Critical and Biographical Introduction).