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C.D. Warner, et al., comp.
The Library of the World’s Best Literature. An Anthology in Thirty Volumes. 1917.

Ernest Renan (1823–1892)

Renan, Joseph Ernest (rė-no‘). The renowned French Semitic-Orientalist, philologist, historian, and essayist; born at Tréguier, Brittany, Feb. 27, 1823; died at Paris, Oct. 2, 1892. His works include: ‘General History of the Semitic Languages’ (1856); the translations ‘Job’ (1859); ‘The Song of Songs’ (1860); and ‘Ecclesiastes’ (1881); ‘The Life of Jesus’ (1863); ‘The Apostles’ (1866); ‘St. Paul’ (1867); ‘Anti-Christ’ (1873); ‘The Gospels’ (1877); ‘The Christian Church’ (1879); ‘Marcus Aurelius’ (1881); ‘The History of the People of Israel’ (1887–89). Also the collected essays ‘Studies in Religious History’ (1857); ‘Essays in Criticism and Ethics’ (1859); ‘Questions of the Day’ (1868); ‘Miscellanies of History and Travel’ (1878); ‘New Studies in Religious History’ (1884), and ‘Discourses and Conferences’ (1881); the philosophical dramas ‘Caliban,’ ‘The Water of Youth,’ ‘The Priest of Nemi,’ ‘Dialogue of the Dead,’ ‘The Abbess of Jouarre,’ and ‘New-Year’s Day’ (1886); and the autobiographical works ‘Recollections of Infancy and Youth’ (1883) and ‘Stray Leaves’ (1892). (See Critical and Biographical Introduction).