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C.D. Warner, et al., comp.
The Library of the World’s Best Literature. An Anthology in Thirty Volumes. 1917.

Henry James (1843–1916)

James, Henry. An American novelist and miscellaneous prose-writer, son of Henry (1st); born in New York, April 15, 1843; died at London, Feb. 28, 1916. His works include: ‘Transatlantic Sketches’ (1875); ‘A Passionate Pilgrim and Other Tales’ (1875); ‘Roderick Hudson’ (1876); ‘The American’ (1877); ‘Watch and Ward’ (1878); ‘French Poets and Novelists’ (1878); ‘Daisy Miller: a Study’ (1878); ‘The Europeans: a Sketch’ (1878); ‘An International Episode’ (1879); ‘The Madonna of the Future and Other Tales’ (1879); ‘Hawthorne’ (1879); ‘A Bundle of Letters’ (1880); ‘Confidence’ (1880); ‘The Diary of a Man of Fifty’ (1880); ‘Washington Square’ (1880); ‘The Portrait of a Lady’ (1882); ‘Daisy Miller: a Comedy’ (1883); ‘The Siege of London; The Pension Beaurepas; and The Point of View’ (1883); ‘Portraits of Places’ (1883); ‘Tales of Three Cities’ (1884); ‘A Little Tour in France’ (1885); ‘The Art of Fiction’ (1885), with Walter Besant; ‘Stories Revived’ (2 vols., 1885); ‘The Author of Beltraffio’ (1885); ‘The Bostonians’ (1886); ‘The Princess Casamassima’ (1886); ‘Partial Portraits’ (1888); ‘The Aspern Papers and Other Stories’ (1888); ‘The Reverberator’ (1888); ‘A London Life’ (1889); ‘The Tragic Muse’ (1890); ‘Port Tarascon’ (1891), a translation; ‘The Lesson of the Master’ (1892), a volume of stories; ‘The Real Thing and Other Tales’ (1893); ‘Picture and Text’ (1893); ‘The Private Life’ (1893), a volume of stories; ‘Essays in London and Elsewhere’ (1893); ‘The Wheel of Time’ (1894); ‘Theatricals’ (1894); ‘Terminations’ (1895); ‘What Maisie Knew’ (1897); ‘The Awkward Age’ (1899); ‘The Sacred Fount’ (1901); ‘The Wings of the Dove’ (1902); ‘The Better Sort’ (1903); ‘The Golden Bowl’ (1904); ‘The Lesson of Balzac’ (1905); ‘American Scenes’ (1906); ‘The Finer Grain’ (1911); ‘A Small Boy’ (1913); ‘Notes of a Son and Brother’ (1914); ‘Notes on Novelists’ (1914); ‘The Ivory Tower’; ‘Sense of the Past’ (1917). (See Critical and Biographical Introduction).